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My mantra

The above image is a journal with the clever saying.  Peter Pauper Press also has gift bags, bookmarks, and desk notes available.


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Napa Valley Mustard Festival

The incredible weather coupled with the surplus of wine and food make Napa Valley a great place to live.  I experienced my first Mustard Festival over the weekend.  While this blog details my love for sweets, I love food of all kinds and it was no different here.   Local restaurants and wineries offered samples of delicious food and wine.  All in all, it was a perfect March day in Napa.  I hope I can attend this event next year too.

The festival took place in downtown Napa along the riverfront.

My favorite Bay Area cupcake shop, Kara’s Cupcakes, had their “KaraVan” at the event.  I had a meyer lemon mini cupcake, my new favorite flavor.  It pairs surprisingly well with Sauvignon Blanc.

I love the display case in the van.  The KaraVan had a constant line that day.

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New Trend: Cream Puffs

While walking around the Marina and Cow Hollow neighborhoods of San Francisco with my friend Teplyn, we stumbled across a new trend in desserts: cream puffs.  Pacific Puffs looks like a standard cupcake boutique, complete with a glass display case and sleek interior.  They have classic, chocolate, and fruit cream puffs, all with an option of a dusting of powdered sugar.  YUM!

Here is a description of the classic cream puff:

Pacific Puffs’ signature classic cream puff consists of a freshly baked choux pastry puff filled with a light and sweet mixture of vanilla custard and whipped cream, topped with a thick chocolate glaze.

I didn’t try one because I had just devoured chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream with warm peanut butter on top at Ghirardelli Square (yes, even I have limits on my sugar-intake).  Next time I’m in the neighborhood, a visit to Pacific Puffs is at the top of my list!

Thanks Teplyn for the picture!

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Who doesn’t love a theme party with cupcakes?

I saw a link to these cute cupcake kits on Oh Happy Day, a design blog I follow.

There are so many cupcake accessories these days, from cupcake wrappers to cupcake liners.  (I didn’t know there was a difference, but there most definitely is!)

The cupcake kits are great for theme parties and allow the desserts to really fit the theme.   They offer kits in fifteen different themes, although any sorority girl or former Shark can easily think of 100+ party themes.

Two of my favorites are the Aloha and the Robot cupcake kits, shown below.

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