About Sugar Sleuth

giant cupcake

I have a sweet tooth.  When I was little, I was caught (literally) licking the bowl after my mom made brownies.  She came in the kitchen and my head was in the bowl.  In my defense, I was very young. Another time, I devoured a solid chocolate rabbit from the Easter bunny.  Yes, the entire thing.

I am the girl who always volunteers to make the birthday cake and is never “too full” to eat dessert.  (What is with those people anyway?)   I am always up for a trip to get ice cream, chocolate chip pancakes, or anything sweet with my friends.  My favorite desserts include peach crisp, anything Nutella, and chocolate molten lava cake.

Sugar Sleuth is going to chronicle the delicious desserts that I make, see, and eat in the upcoming months.  Thank you for visiting and please check back often!

— Jordan aka the Sugar Sleuth

The current header photograph of delicious chocolate chip cookies is courtesy of  Francesco Tonelli for The New York Times


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