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Pumpkin Pie

My grandmother makes the most delicious pumpkin pies every Thanksgiving.  I love pumpkin pie and I’m kind of sad that I only eat it for a few days out of the year.  This is assuming there are leftovers!

I offered to help make pumpkin pies for this year’s Thanksgiving.  I figured pie-making would be extremely complicated but when I arrived to help, Granny told me how easy it was.  The “secret” family recipe was really a variation of the recipe on the back of Libby’s canned pumpkin.  Also, she had bought pie crusts because every time she tried to make crusts from scratch, they didn’t turn out very well.  I was happy to help unroll the refrigerated crusts and begin!

Click here for the recipe and more photos!


November 30, 2009 at 11:01 pm 3 comments

Thankful for Desserts

I think I am still full from my Thanksgiving meal and that was 3 days ago!  The entire meal was amazing, but I always save room for dessert.  Here is the smorgasbord of desserts that my family had at Thanksgiving.   My grandmother always makes many different treats.  This year she made chocolate pie, banana cream pie, pumpkin pie*, angel food cake with strawberry frosting, and pumpkin bread.  Everything (yes, I tried a little bite of everything!) was delicious.

What does your family usually eat for dessert on Thanksgiving?  Do you have a favorite Thanksgiving treat?  Does anyone out there seriously dislike pumpkin pie?  Please discuss!

*Please notice the pumpkin pies that my grandmother taught me how to make–I will blog about my first pie-making experience very soon!

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Pear & Apple Crisp


I love fall.  The leaves, pumpkins, college football…what could be better?

I especially love fall foods.  I went to the Ann Arbor Farmers’ Market a few weeks ago (which I HIGHLY recommend you check out if you live in A2)  and got the last of the pears for the season.  Turns out when you don’t go to the Farmers’ Market a few weekends in a row you miss out on the very short pear season. Luckily I got just enough pears to make a pear and apple crisp for an event at my sorority house last week.

Why a crisp?  Well, this summer I went through a peach crisp phase.  I was OBSESSED with peach crisp, and numerous variations of it: peach and raspberry, peach and nectarine, peach and rhubarb…I could go on and on.  While I am regarded in many circles as an exclusive chocoholic, there’s something about a fruit crisp (cobbler/crumble/whatever name you prefer) served warm that makes my mouth water.

I am still a huge fan of the crisp genre and decided to take advantage of the last of the pear season.  I adapted Ina Garten’s recipe and it turned out very well.   The recipe is very simple.  The most time-consuming part is peeling and cutting the apples and pears.  It’s a great fall dessert and is best served warm.  I like mine with a little ice cream as well!  Best of all, I left my sorority house with an empty dish, SUCCESS!

Click here for the recipe and more photos!

November 6, 2009 at 8:47 pm 7 comments

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