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New Trend: Cream Puffs

While walking around the Marina and Cow Hollow neighborhoods of San Francisco with my friend Teplyn, we stumbled across a new trend in desserts: cream puffs.  Pacific Puffs looks like a standard cupcake boutique, complete with a glass display case and sleek interior.  They have classic, chocolate, and fruit cream puffs, all with an option of a dusting of powdered sugar.  YUM!

Here is a description of the classic cream puff:

Pacific Puffs’ signature classic cream puff consists of a freshly baked choux pastry puff filled with a light and sweet mixture of vanilla custard and whipped cream, topped with a thick chocolate glaze.

I didn’t try one because I had just devoured chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream with warm peanut butter on top at Ghirardelli Square (yes, even I have limits on my sugar-intake).  Next time I’m in the neighborhood, a visit to Pacific Puffs is at the top of my list!

Thanks Teplyn for the picture!


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giant donut

Yes, the above picture is pretty much my dream come true.   Me inside a giant donut.  If only it were edible…

Over the weekend I toured the Google headquarters in Mountain View, California.  These statues were one of the highlights of my visit!  Why does Google have statues of giant desserts at their headquarters?  Aside from the fact that they’re awesome, they help promote the Android, Google’s new smart phone operating system.

Here is more info about the Android, from someone who knows/cares more than I do (Thanks, Sean!):

Android operating system releases are named after pastries with alphabetically sequential names. So far we have Cupcake, Donut, and Eclair, which have all earned statues next to the original, green Android at Google’s headquarters. Rumor has it that the next releases will be Flan and Gingerbread, but beyond that your guess is as good as mine.

If you’re ever in the Mountain View area, go check out these statues!  They are tons of fun.   I’ll let you know if new statues are added!

Click here for more pictures from my photo shoot!

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