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Lady Gaga Cupcakes

Love Lady Gaga?  Then you’ll love these cute cupcakes at CupcakesOMG!

Photo from CupcakesOMG!

Thanks Natalie for the link!


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Michigan’s best chocolate chip cookies?!

I love a good chocolate chip cookie.  A few months ago, I had the best chocolate chip cookie of my life, courtesy of  Colleen Ronayne, my friend Molly’s mom.  I recently talked to Molly about these cookies that have garnered critical acclaim around the state of Michigan.

Me: So what’s so special about these cookies?!

Molly: That’ s very subjective but I like my cookies really soft and chewy.  I love it when they’re still really soft in the middle.  I really don’t like crunchy cookies.   These cookies are different because the actual dough is so good that I prefer bites without too many chocolate chips.  They’re also really small and don’t spread out very much when they bake, making them even more chewy.  Also, this is strange but they are the BEST when refrigerated because they revert back to a dough-like state.

Me: Can I ask if there are any special ingredients that make these different than an ordinary chocolate chip cookie?

Molly: Yes, there is, but it’s a guarded family secret!

Click here to read the rest of our interview!

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