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Who doesn’t love a theme party with cupcakes?

I saw a link to these cute cupcake kits on Oh Happy Day, a design blog I follow.

There are so many cupcake accessories these days, from cupcake wrappers to cupcake liners.  (I didn’t know there was a difference, but there most definitely is!)

The cupcake kits are great for theme parties and allow the desserts to really fit the theme.   They offer kits in fifteen different themes, although any sorority girl or former Shark can easily think of 100+ party themes.

Two of my favorites are the Aloha and the Robot cupcake kits, shown below.


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Go Blue!

I made this cake for the last day of my blogging class!  It is a lemon cake with lemon frosting, complete with a few blue sprinkles to make it truly Maize and Blue.

I used a Block M cake pan that I found at M Den in Ann Arbor.  It is also available online here.  The FANPAN site has cake molds for many different schools, so find one for your favorite team!

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I don’t think my cupcakes need feet…

I saw this cupcake today on the  Cupcakes Take the Cake blog.

Photo from Covetthycupcake’s Flickr

They are silicone baking cups made by Wilton and they come in four different colors.  In my opinion, they are a little strange, but I could picture them being cute if you were making animal cupcakes.   Hmm, these could be great for cupcakes that look like turkeys (in the spirit of Thanksgiving!).

You can purchase them online here.

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Fun Facts

I had the pleasure of baking in an understocked kitchen last weekend.  Don’t get me wrong, it was a very nice kitchen, but it lacked some of the basic baking supplies I needed to make the Red Stripe cake.  Things I learned in the process:

  1. Lowe’s sells measuring cups.  Yes, the home improvement store. At least the one in Sunnyvale, CA does.
  2. Washcloths can double as oven mitts.
  3. Ask a married couple to borrow a stand mixer because they most likely received one as a wedding gift (Thank you!).

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